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Left brain and right brain

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Differences in the function theory of right brain and left brain has been popular since 1960.A researcher named Roger Sperry discovered that the human brain consists of 2 hemisfer (part), the right brain and left brain functions that have
different. Up this service, he got the Nobel prize in 1981. Instead
She also found that when the brain is working right then the left brain
tend to be quiet, so vice versa.

Right-brain function in terms of equality, illusion, creativity, shape or
space, emotions, music and color. Resource remember right diffuse brain (long term
memory). When brain damage occurs right on the disease such as stroke or
brain tumor, the brain function is disrupted the ability of visual and emotional
for example.

Left brain function in terms of diversity, numbers, sequence, writing, language,
calculation and logic. Remember the power of the brain left the short-term (short term
memory). If any damage to the brain so the left will be a disruption in
the function of speech, language and mathematics.

Although both have a different function, but each individual
have a tendency to use one of the dominant in
solve the problem of life and work. Each part of the brain
dominate in both activities but are involved in almost all process

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